Tengu Clan

The symbol of the Tengu Clan.

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Pre-Mortal Kombat


Wu Lae

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Wu Lae




Fight against the Lin Kuei




Lin Kuei

Like water, we flow. Like fire, we burn


—Creed of the Tengu Clan

The Tengu Clan are an ancient and lower-class clan of ninja. Formerly entrenched in the icy wasteland of Arctika, the Tengu fought furiously for control of the land against both savage Yetis and murderous Snow Ninja, as well as against the treacherous surroundings of their own country.

Rivalries and Near Extinction

When the infamous Lin Kuei clan settled into Arctika to make a headquarters for themselves in the abandoned Temple of Fire, the Grandmaster of the Tengu at the time, Wu Lae, initially ordered the deaths of all Lin Kuei in the land in response to their desecration of their sacred lands. After several Lin Kuei scouting parties were ambushed, some by the Tengu and others by Yetis or Snow Ninja, the Lin Kuei blamed the nearby ninja clan for the attacks. In response, the Lin Kuei systematically butchered numerous Tengu outposts, carving out the bowels of the Tengu and sending them to Wu Lae as a threat to stand down.

Wu Lae, not wanting to appear weak in front of his clan, met with the Lin Kuei Grandmaster at the time; the younger Sub-Zero. The two formed a tentative accord that the Tengu were free to operate in the southlands and in the Chillviper Pass to hunt for Yeti pelts and food. In return, they were no longer to trespass on Lin Kuei territory or attack any bearing the seal or colours of the ninja clan. Wu Lae agreed and the two clans, tentatively, operated near each other until the arrival of the son of Argus; Taven.

Initially, the Clan only suffered a few casualties caused by the stealthy Edenian Prince, Rain, who was waiting to ambush Taven as he passed through the Tengu's territory to reach the Temple of Fire. After Rain, many Tengu went missing after an onslaught one scout reported was akin to a "hurricane of shadow and death" passing through which was none other than the Brotherhood of Darkness, lead by Noob Saibot and Smoke on their way to the Temple.

When Taven arrived, he was mistaken for the attacker who killed Wu Lae's people. In response, he was set upon by scores of the clan's most elite, including the Grandmaster himself. The Tengu, shamefully, found themselves crippled by the might of the demigod and Wu Lae himself was at Taven's mercy. After telling him where to find the Lin Kuei temple, Taven spared Wu Lae's life and continued on his journey. Such an onslaught, however, did not bode well for the Tengu and, after reorganizing, decided fleeing the Arctik was the best solution to avoid eventual annihilation.