I have some characters for kombat X.

1.Gazmeth-a wizard old gremlin for the Zaterran clan of Reptile.

2.Dagburd-a drunken pirate and bounty hunter in Outworld.

3.Farooq-an Indian wise teller for the realm of Order/yoga/ability to stretch.

4.The Hurricane-a person dressed as a superhero wearing a black mask,Green cape and Shirt with H logo on both.

5.Venomous-a warrior with the head of a black Mamba snake.

6.Octotar-a human squid that plans to overthrow Quan Chi.

7.Apeden-a gorilla guard for the emperor.


Sirmel-a senior citizen in Earthrealm knowing every kombat style there is wears a shower cap,yellow eyes white underpants and blue baseball shoes.(kinda a joke character). That is all!