Mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter is a recently made Mortal Kombat fangame. It is not related to any other fictional or real media with the same name, so don't get confused.


Through a mysterious tear in time, the characters of the Street Fighter game series end up in Outworld. Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung join forces with M. Bison and Akuma, and teams and partnerships are formed throughout the storyline by the characters, good and evil, of both universes.


MK Universe:

Liu Kang: The famous Shaolin Monk, but with a twist. Liu Kang is not in his normal form. No, he's not a zombie again. Liu Kang's soul is lost during the tear in time, and it manifests itself as a more sinister, ghostly Liu Kang. This spirit forms a strong partnership with Ken Masters throughout the storyline.

Kitana: Like Liu Kang, Kitana has gotten a twist. She has lost precious memories, including that of her mastery of the fan, so she must learn to fight again. She fights with her fists, but does, on occasion, use her fans, but for basic swinging, and not fatalities. She partners with Chun Li,who she expects to learn martial arts from.

Scorpion: This isn't the normal Scorpion. He is human, and no longer keeps his inhuman powers, except for that of breathing flames. He partners with the calm Indian warrior Dhalsim, and they master the art of fire together.

Sub-Zero: Though his allies have changed, Sub-Zero hasn't. He's the normal Sub-Zero. Nothing different about him, except that now he is the partner of the great warrior Ryu!

Shao Kahn: He's back and way better! Through the powers of time and space, he has gained inhuman powers such as flight, stopping time, teleporting, and becoming temporarily invulnerable to harm. After partnering with M. Bison, he realized that with their combined strength, they could easily destroy the heroes. He no longer wants to wage war, but to see all taht stand in his way be torn apart. Let's just hope he doesn't use a fatality...

Shang Tsung: Shao Kahn wasn't the only one to become inhuman. Shang has been gaining power for a long time, and suddenly he has more power than Shao Kahn! The only one with the power to stop Shang and Akuma is the mighty thunder god, Raiden. The bad thing about Shang's new power is it's contant age changing. Shang Tsung can become onlder or younger at will, but it can sometimes randomly happen. Or worse, go wrong...

Raiden: HELL YEAH! Raiden, the god of thunder, has combined with the powers of other gods, and now wields the great Blade Of Storms! This sword gives him epic battle capabilities, but the cost is that he vanquished 3 beings. Those beings were Johnny Cage (Sorry Folks!), Kano, and Jax. He also was forced to reason and partner with Dan Hibiki, which massively irrtated him.

(More coming soon!)