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Frost as an Alternate Costume for Killer Frost

Five years after Mortal Kombat X, Raidens fellow god Fujin uses his powers to bring the Justice League of America back into their Universe in order to help them defeat and revert back to normal the deamon like versions of Raiden, Lu Kane, Kitana, Sindel, Kabal, Striker, Smoke, Nightwolf and Kung Lao. Unfortunately, several villains from The J.L.A.s reality were also but accidentally brought to the Earthrealm Universe as well, making it even harder to get Shinok`s medallion off of Raiden`s right shoulder.

Playable MK&DCU Characters

List of Characters
J.L.A. Villains Special Forces Dark Legion
Superman Lex Luthor Fujin Raiden
Batman The Joker Scorpion Smoke
Wonder Woman Cheetah Cassie Cage Kitana
The Flash Killer Frost Subzero Sindel
Green Lantern Sinestro Takeda Takahashi Lu Kang
Cyborg Deathstroke Jacqui Briggs Kabal
Nightwing Harlie Quin Kung Jin Nightwolf
Raven Trigon Kotal Kahn Kung Lao
Hawkgirl Cat Woman Reptile Striker
Shazam Black Atom Ferra/Torr Rain

Alternate Costumes

List of Alternate Costumes
Superman Beyond New 52 White Lanturn Red Son
Batman Beyond New 52 Yellow Lanturn Red Son
Wonder Woman Ami Comi New 52 Pink Lanturn Red Son
The Flash Classic New 52 Blue Lanturn Red Son
Green Lantern Classic Earth 2 John Stewart Red Son
Cyborg Classic New 52 Teen Titans Jax Briggs
Nightwing Red Nightwing New 52 Robin Red Son
Raven Ami Comi New 52 Teen Titans Red Raven
Hawkgirl Ami Comi Earth 2 New 52 Classic
Shazam New 52 Classic
Lex Luthor Kryptonite Armor Steampunk New 52 Orange Lanturn
The Joker Beyond Classic New 52 Red Hood
Cheetah Ami Comi Classic Cheetara Red Son
Killer Frost Ami Comi Frost Classic New 52
Sinestro Classic Sinestro ( Green ) Indigo Lanturn New 52
Deathstroke New 52 Classic Teen Titans Red Son
Harlie Quin Ami Comi Classic New 52 Bride
Trigon Ami Comi New 52 Emperor Classic
Cat Woman Ami Comi Classic Returns Red Son
Black Atom Classic New 52
Fujin  Classic Armageddon
Cassie Cage Ami Comi S.W.A.T. Green Lantern Cassie Cage Causal
Kung Jin Thief S.W.A.T. Ninja Casual
Takeda Takahashi Classic S.W.A.T. Ninja Casual
Jaqalin Brigs Ami Comi S.W.A.T. Kick Boxer Casual
Subzero Classic Cyborg Subzero Original Subzero Blue Steel Subzero
Kotal Kahn Red Lanturn Battle Armor
Reptile Classic Cyborg Reptile
Scorpion Classic Hanzo Hasashi Injustice Civil War Scorpion
Ferra/Torr Ami Comi Battle Armor Red Lanturn Bodyguard
Raiden Classic Armageddon Dark Legion Black Lanturn
Smoke Classic Cyborg Smoke Dark Legion Black Lanturn
Kitana Classic Ami Comi Dark Legion Black Lanturn
Sindel Classic Ami Comi Dark Legion Black Lanturn
Lu Kang Classic Old Man Dark Legion Black Lanturn
Kabal Classic Old Man Dark Legion Black Lanturn
Kung Lao Classic Old Man Dark Legion Black Lanturn
Striker Classic S.W.A.T. Dark Legion Black Lanturn
Nightwolf Classic Old Man Dark Legion Black Lanturn
Rain Classic Noob Saibot Dark Legion Black Lanturn

Note : It is also revealed that Kung Jin is in reality the birth son of Lu Kang and Princess Kitana, but when she was dieing in Mortal Kombat 9 Raiden magically transported the unborn child into the womb of Kung Laos Aunt Lena, who raised him as her own son until she got sick and died when he was only 17 years old ( or younger, it depends on the timeline and storyline ). Fujin would also reveal that his real birthname is Lukas Kang.