Mortal Kombat Legends takes place about 2 in a half to 5 years after Mortal Kombat X or 11 with the return of Kotel Kahn, Raiden and the premiere of a great new power that can change everything called The Destiny Stone, Infinity Stone, Armageddon Stone ,Time Stone, Spirit Stone and the Omniverse Stone.

Playable Characters

Playable Characters in Mortal Kombat Legends
Hero's Villains
Raiden Kotal Kahn
Ki Kane ( Kitana and Lu Kanes son ) Baraka # 3
Cassie Cage ( Sonya and Johnny Cages daughter ) Reptile # 3
Subzero # 5 ( son of Subzero # 2 ,raised by Scorpion ) Cyrax
Scorpion ( reformed antihero & foster father of Subzero # 5 Sektor
Ferra and Tor Cyber Subzero
Jackson Brigs Jr ( son of Jax Brigs Sr ) Qwon Chi
Smoke Beezara
Shadow Raven ( daughter of Night Wolf ) Noob Saibot
Striker Jr ( son of Striker Sr ) Cyber Reptile
Dust AKA Dusty ( Smokes son ) Cyberella : The Pink Cyborg Ninja
Kratos ( P.S.4 ) Spawn ( X-Box One ) Predator ( X-Box One) Predalien ( P.S.4 )
Sweettooth ( P.S.4 ) Master Chief ( X-Box One Fulgore ( X-Box One ) Terminator T-800 ( P.S.4 )
Ash Williams ( P.S.4 ) Ellen Ripley ( X-Box One ) Freddy Krueger ( X-Box One ) Jason Voorhees ( P.S.4 )
 Notes : See below.

This is the first Mortal Kombat videogame to have twelve dlc gueast characters including six for the PlayStation Four version and another six for the X-Box One version.