The featured articles on the wiki represent the absolute BEST Mortal Kombat Fanon has to offer. Mostly, games are featured. But non-fanon (or fanon) characters, stages, TV shows, and comics are also allowed to be featured. Same goes for fan-fiction.

Featured Articles

The featured articles stay be on the main page for 1 month before being changed.

Featured Fan-Games & Series

  1. Mortal Kombat: The New World Order

Featured Characters

  1. Ariana
  2. Roark
  3. Sarah Nac
  4. Naberi

Nominated Articles

A deadline of one week will be given to each nomination. If more users oppose than support, then the nomination has to be declined. Once an article receives 5 supports, the nomination will get a * next to it, and will be in line to be featured on the main page. If two admins oppose despite there being 5 supports, it will not be featured.

What makes a featured article?

Here is a prepared a list to address that particular question, and it is as follows.

The article must...

  1. complete; NO unfinished work will be featured
  2. detailed, well-written, and neatly organized
  3. unbiased
  4. sourced with all available sources and appearances in the case of characters
  5. stylized beatifully
  6. ...not have any sort of improvement tags (like stubs)
  7. ...have none to a reasonable amount of red links
  8. ...not have been featured previously
  9. ...have content significant and pertaining to the article
Note: A nomination will be canceled if any of the requirements are not present. Also, the pages do not need a box art. But it is better if provided

How to Nominate:

Just add the article at the end of the box.

Also, ADD this to the top of every nominee's article:


How to vote:

  1. Before you do anything... BE SURE to read the article VERY carefully for any mistakes and other errors.
  2. After, compare and contrast the article to the terms listed above, and then either support or oppose the article's nomination.
    1. If you decline, please provide reasonable intentions for doing so, and how it can be improved.