So what is Mortal Kombat Fanon?

Mortal Kombat Fanon Wiki, the video game fanon wiki is a wiki for creating Mortal Kombat fanon, fiction and games that pertain to the Mortal Kombat series by Midway Games (now NetherRealm Studios), created in August 2010 by IshyRoze. Fanon means fiction, so this is a wiki about creating fake articles that you think off the top of your head, and also fake MK stories that you think of. Also, Keep a moderate level of standards so that we accept many users' ideas, but at the same time keep the wiki from being filled with badly-written or completely over-done work.

Common Questions

Mortal Kombat Fanon sounds awesome! I wanna make a Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter vs Nickelodeon vs Tekken crossover game!


Oh nonononononononono, before you go doing something like that, remember this - there will be most (if not all) games of those types on the wiki. Unless the article is neatly-made or introduces acceptable new concepts to the series, your article will seem highly unoriginal and completely overdone. Acknowledge this before jumping on the bandwagon.

So what can I make? :P


Use your creativity! Try to come up with something new, something that's never been done here or is rarely done! Do some research into existing articles and pull a few small ideas from those pages. Like it says above, don't just jump on a bandwagon, make your own idea for an innovative and original or unique Mortal Kombat Fanon article!

Can I make stories not related to Mortal Kombat?


Did you ever consider reading the title?

Wait, can I make comics/fan-fiction stories/board games/etc. here, too?


Absolutely! Comics, choose-your-own-adventures, card or board games... we will accept any special formats of creativity you work in!

What else can you tell me?


Look over to the MK Fanon Help sections for more info on our rules and stuff!