After Raiden Defeated Shao Kahn , He Found Quan Chi attacking him from behind , Quan Chi kicked Raiden's Amulet that exploded , Quan Chi appeared standing alone with Shinnok clapping for him , Raiden appeared in Shang Tsung's Castle with Elder Form of Shang Tsung on Throne ........

Story Mode

Chapter 1 : Sonya Blade

After Raiden Defeated Shao Kahn , He Found Quan Chi attacking him from behind , Quan Chi kicked Raiden's Amulet that exploded , Quan Chi appeared standing alone with Shinnok clapping for him , Raiden appeared in Shang Tsung's Castle with Elder Form of Shang Tsung on Throne , Raiden was holding his head and said "What was that ?!" Liu Kang asked "What ?" , Raiden Replied "Nothing, i've just recieved message from the future !" , Shang Tsung said "let the tournament begin" , Sonya Appeared talking in her radio "Sonya Blade to the command, i've located Jackson Briggs" , Shang Tsung said "what is that device" Baraka Destroyed Sonya's Radio, Sonya said "NO! , You Monster !, you will pay for what you did !" Shang Trung Said "Our First Battle, Sonya Blade Representing Earth Realm versus Baraka Representing Out World !" -Sonya Blade defeated Baraka- "that learns you how to treat a member from the special forces !" Sonya Said , Shang Tsung said "Reptile !", Reptile came from behind and attacked Sonya but she countered and the fight begun -Sonya Blade defeated Reptile- "well well, you have one more challenge, Ms. Blade" , Sonya said "i don't care about your tournament , i want to save Jax !" , Raiden then said "Don't Be So Frustrated , Young Woman , you're defending your Realm" , Sonya said "i don't care what are you talking about ! , i'll complete my mission !" , Shang Tsung said "Your Challenger is Kano !" , Sonya was shocked and said "Kano !", she returned and said "where is him ?!" , Shang Tsung said "you'll not get him unless you fight your next challenger ! ....... Sektor !" , Sektor (In Human Form) came and stood in the face of Sonya -Sonya Bladd defeated Human Sektor- Sonya then shouted "where is Kano ?" , Shang Tsung said "not yet, Ms......." Sonya shocked him , Kano came and said "I'm Here , Sonya !" , Sonya left Shang Tsung and said , it is time for revenge ! -Sonya Blade defeated Kano- , Sonya said i'm done with you and your minions , Sorcerer , Raiden and Liu Kang came to talk to Sonya , Raiden Said "well done" , Sonya said "thanks, but who are you ?" Raiden said "I'm Lord Raiden, The Thunder God, this tournament is the last of 10 , Earthrealm lost the previous 9 Tournament, The Elder Gods made this tournaments to give Earthrealm a chance to defend itself, if we lost this time, Shao Kahn will rule Earthrealm like he did with Outworld and Edenia !" , Sonya said "Okay, I'll do my Best , Lord !" Raiden "well done again !", Sonya came down to the Prisons to save Jax, Jax attacked her from behind and then put her in the prison , Sonya said "Jax, you betrayed me ! , i can't believe it !", she looked behind and found Jax in the prison with her sleeping , Sonya said "what the ......" , it was Sektor disguising like Jax , Sektor said "You Complete Your Mission , Sonya Mwahahahaha" , Sonya looks frustrated

Chapter 2 : Johnny Cage

Sektor came and whispered Shang Tsung "i've done my mission" , Shang Tsung said "now it is time to continue the tournament" , Johnny Cage said with low voice "where is that hottie ?, it looks like that old fool did something to her !" , Shang Tsung appeared from behind and said "No, I Didn't do anything to her !, our next kombatant is going to be mistah Johnny Cage !" , Johnny Cage said "okay, who is the monster facing me ?" Shang Tsung said "Cyrax !" , Cyrax (Human Form) came and said "all right Johnny , i'll make you lose in your first Fight !" -Johnny Cage defeated Cyrax- , Johnny Cage said "do you have another one from this ?" , Shang Tsung said "No, i've got a shokan" , Johnny Cage said "what is a shokan ?" , Sheeva came and said "me !" , Cage said "well, i changed my mind !" , Shang Tsung said "Fight !" -Johnny Cage defeated Sheeva- , Johnny Cage said "Are You Sure you're a female ?!" , Shang Tsung said "Finish Her !" Johnny Cage said "i thought the fight ended" Tsung said "Kill Her !" , Cage said "No , Thanks" , Tsung "the tournament will resume later !" , Cage said "i like your attires but it is not Halloween Yet !" , Raiden said "what attires ? , this is not a party, the one you faced was a shokan , those 4 arms are real , you're defending your realm you're ......." Cage said "okay, man calm down , why so serious !" Cage left , Raiden shaked his head , Liu Kang calmed down his Master , Johnny is walking over a bridge saying "what is that place , who are those ?!" , Baraka and Sheeva came from behind and said "we're the two who will end your life" , Johnny Said "you again ? , come on , woman !" , Sheeva said "shut up and fight" , Baraka said "no, you fought him before , i'll fight him ..... Fight !" -Johnny Cage defeated Baraka- Sonya Blade came from behind and Knocked Out Him , she took him to the prisons , when she was holding him , he begun to wake up , Johnny Cage said "who are you ? , where am i ?" , he then realized that it is Sonya and said "hey hottie , why did you attacked me !" , Sonya said "stop talking , idiot !" , Johnny said "you'll make me fight you !" , Sonya said "do it if you can !" -Johnny Cage defeated Sonya Blades- , she transformed into Sektor ! , said "wow , dude , how did you do it , you transformed into a hottie nice move !" , he looked at the prison and saw Sonya and Jax said "wait a minute , you're real ?!" he freed them , Jax said "Yes, that man can transform into anyone , he made himself Sonya to prison me and made himself me to prison Sonya" , Johnny said "well, that explains everything" , Shang Tsung Shouted (he is on his throne but his sound reaches the prisons) "oh shit , i forgot about the movie !"

Chapter 3 : Scorpion

With Shang Tsung saying that The Tournament will continue , Shang Tsung said "where are Sonya and Johnny ? , okay , no problem , Our Next Fight Is Scorpion vs Kung Lao !" , Scorpion came from hell and Lao came and said "well , you will lose , beast !" -Scorpion defeated Kung Lao- , Shang Tsung said "our next fight is Scorpion vs ........." Cage said "Johnny Cage" , Sonya replied "and Sonya Blades !" , Shang Tsung said "where were you , Cage and Sonya !" , he stared at Sektor who stepped to behind , Sonya said "i know you send him to take me to the prison , old fool !" , Shang Tsung said "well our next match is Scorpion vs Sonya Blades !" -Scorpion defeated Sonya Blades- after Scorpion defeated Sonya , Tsung said , "i've got a Challenge for you , Mr. Cage ! ....... Ermac !" Ermac managed to defeat Cage (non-playable fight but just animation) , Shang Tsung said "well the next fight is ........." Scorpion said "stop wasting my time sorcerer, i want to fight Sub Zero" , Tsung said "you will get him after that fight against .......... Nightwolf !" , Nightwolf came and stood in front of Scorpion -Scorpion defeated Nightwolf- , Shang Tsung said "well 2 more left from Earthrealm , Liu Kang and Sub Zero , next match is Scorpion vs Liu Kang !" , Scorpion replied "i want to fight Sub Zero first ! , let me fight him or your life will come to an end !" Tsung said "okay okay , Sub Zero vs Scorpion !" -Scorpion defeated Sub Zero-, Quan Chi said "finish him Scorpion !" , Raiden said "don't do it Scorpion, you defeated him , you took your revenge , don't kill him" Scorpion looked at both men , Quan Chi said "if you can't make decision , then in that case ......." Quan Chi Cut Sub Zero's Head  , Raiden said "why did you do this ?!" , Quan Chi said "because he killed the family of one of my minions ! and he don't deserve to live" , Scorpion looked upset , Shang Tsung said "okay , the tournament will resume later !"

Chapter 4 : Liu Kang

at the night , Shang Tsung said "okay , the tournament will continue now !" , Raiden said "Liu Kang, it is Earthrealm last chance , be wise" , Liu Kang "don't Worry Lord Raiden !" , Shang Tsung said "Liu Kang , Earthrealm's Last Chance against ........ Ermac !" , Ermac said "we're many , you're one , so you'll die !" -Liu Kang defeated Ermac- , Kang said "who is next ?" , Tsung said "your next opponent is ....... Scorpion" , Scorpion said "after i'm done with you , i'll take your head as souvenir !" , Liu Kang "you'll .... if it happened !" -Liu Kang defeated Scorpion- , Liu Kang said "who is next ?" , Shang Tsung said "well , one more fight before fighting the shokan , goro ! ............ Quan Chi !" Liu Kang said "You Will Pay for killing Sub Zero !"  '-'Liu Kang defeated Quan Chi- , Earthrealm Warriors looked happy for Liu Kang who is 2 steps away from freeing them , Tsung said "well, rest in peace , Earthrealm Warrior !" , Shang Tsung opened a portal under Liu Kang so he fell in it , Liu Kang came from a portal opened in Goro's Lair , he then said "..... where is the Shokan ......" , Goro Screamed and Liu Kang looked behind him then prepared to fight -Liu Kang defeated Goro- Liu Kang said "he is strong !" , another portal opened on the ground , Liu Kang jumped in it , and then came from another portal to Shang Tsung's Throne Room , Raiden said "well done !" , Shang Tsung said "okay , well well , everyone is eliminated from the tournament on both sides , only Liu Kang left , it is time for your last challenge ....... me, Fight !" -Liu Kang defeated Shang Tsung- Shang Tsung said "NO! , i can't believe that earthrealm won !,  it cannot be !" , Liu Kang "it happened sorcerer , now you can't invade Earthrealm again !" , Earthrealm warriors clapped for him , Shang Tsung left with all Outworld warriors through a portal

Later, Liu Kang was crowned the Champion of Earthrealm as he saved Earthrealm from the invasion of Outworld