MK:LG is the 14th game in the MK series



"Kahn is dead. A celebration was help to help forget the trouble he has caused. Meanwhile Mileena was grieving about her fathers death, though she had changed to the good side she knew her father would love her anyway. A being of fire told her that she can bring him back, but with a price, Mileena had to give her life and become a cyborg, she reluctantly agreed, The fire being ripped her heart out and put in the cyborg, she used Mileena's soul and put it in the cyborg, the cyborg morphed to look like her, the flame being then told her that her name is "Karona", she then used Mileena's human blood and put it in Kahn, she then stole Mileena's heart and made him eat it, she screwed Mileena's life up, and used her and Kahn as her pawns, it is time for MORTAL KOMBAT!?"

- "These are the words of Rain


All endings are narrated by Jade




All from MK2-MKT and MK9-MK: Anarchy and "Graveyard".


  • All characters are picked based on how many they have been in.
  • "Karona" is the female counterpart to "Blaze".