Mortal Kombat:Korruption is the tenth game in the Mortal Kombat series. It takes place after Mortal Kombat 9 and follows a new generation of Earthrealm warriors, led by  Johny Cage and Sonya. Shinnok is the antagonist and leads the army of invaders much like Shao Kahn before him. 


 Non Playable

Raiden: After the events of MK9, Raiden refuses to participate in stopping the Earthrealm Invasion, beleving he will only be a bigger burden.

Shinnok: The new leader of the Earthrealm invasion, he, Quan Chi, and Liu Kang lead the army of invaders, consisting mainly of the fallen Earthrealm warriors.

Earthrealm Warriors

Scorpion: Before the events of the game, Raiden breaks Quan chi's grip on Scorpion. Johny and Sonya convinces them to help stop Quan Chi, revealing he killed Scorpion's family and not Sub Zero. Contrary to most games, he is the main Protagonist of the game. 

Sonya: Along with Johny Cage, Sonya assembles a new team of Earthrealm Warriors.

Johny Cage: Along with Sonya, Johny Cage assembles a new team of Earthrealm warriors.

Mist: A ninja who escaped being automated by the Lin Kuei with help from Sabre

Tyrone: A police officer who get's a robotic exo skeleton after an accident. 

Miraya: A new Princess of Edenia who befriends Scorpion and helps the earthrealm warriors.

Sabre: Mist's partner who helped save her from being automated.

Blizzard: A new cyromancer who aids the Earthrealm Warriors.


Quan Chi: The Second in command of the invaders along with Liu Kang.

Cyber Liu Kang: Surviving his fate in MK9, he requested to be automated to get revenge on Raiden. He is the Second in command of the invaders along with Quan Chi.