Mirakirahhasi is a character from Mortal Kombat: Anarchy.


She is the daughter of Khameleon and Reptile. She has an appearance similar to Kitana and Mileena.


  • Primary Costume & DLC (Canon)

"After Shao Kahn murdered my parents I swore to avenge them. My trainers, Kenshi, Jax, and Nightwolf, taught me moves that could help me defeat Kahn. They helped me discover that I carried traits from my parents. I traveled to Edenia, where Kahn has taken over illegally again. Kahn will pay with his life."

  • Alternate Costume (Canon)

"I have successfully slain Kahn and avenged my parents, who's names I've learned are "Khameleon" and "Reptile", I have also learned that Kahn killed them because they resisted his rule. I also learned that he destroyed my home realm Earthrealm. Now I know what I must do next, I know what I will do will destroy many innocent lives, but there is no other way, I must destroy Outworld."

Fighting Styles

  • "Tai Chi" as primary. This is borrowed from Kenshi
  • "Muay Thai" as secondary. This is borrowed from Jax.
  • "Tomahawks" as tertiary. This is borrowed from Nightwolf.

Kombat Kharacteristics

She has moves from Khameleon, Reptile, Chameleon. Her throw is similar to Baraka's, but adds a punch and another kick.

  • "Speedy Serpent", she runs past the opponent and quickly delivers an elbow to the back, making the opponent to the ground screaming in agony. This move is borrowed from her father, Reptile.
  • "Acid Spit", she takes off her mask and spits acid at the opponent. This move is borrowed from her parents, Khameleon and Reptile. This can be done in the air.
  • "Green Wave Energy", she shoots a wave of a mysterious green energy at the opponent. This is borrowed from long time friend, Ermac.
  • "Blue Sky Punch", she jumps in the air and punches an aerial foe. This move is borrowed from her mother and family friend, Khameleon and Kitana.
  • "Beatdown", is her throw as mentioned above.


  • She is the only fighter who has had both parents be fighters also.
  • Her costumes are edited version of Kitana (primary) and Mileena (alternative) from MK2, and a mix of Reptile and Khameleon from MK3 (DLC)
  • Her mentor Nightwolf didn't appear in Anarchy
  • Her parents appeared in this game, this marks the first game that a mother, father, and child have been in the same game.