This is the story mode of the game "Miniature Kombat: Mayhem In Li'l Outworld".


The Trouble With Shano-Kahn (Intro)

In an alternate MK reality, trouble is brewing, as Shao-Kahn, ruler of the dreadful Li'l Outowrld, and his accompalance, Shang Tsung, are secretly planning a trap for the Li'l Forces of Light, but Lord Raiden and Liu Knag are spying! This causes a "tutorial" battle with Shang Tsung, as it tells you how to use controls. When Shang Tsung is defeated, Liu Kang throws him through a window, but he manages to get back up and follow Shao-Kahn to his secret lair. Raiden and Liu Kang know that they're gonna need some help, so they summon The Li'l Forces of Light.

Josh Wiplash: License To Thrill!

Meanwhile, in Earthrealm, Johnny Cage, Mokap, and the show-off stunt double for Johnny, Josh Wiplash, are on set of "Mortal Kombat: The Wrath of Shang Tsung", a movie currently in production, when Johnny and Mokap's friends, Jax Briggs and Sonya Blade, burst into the room, telling Johnny and Mokap to follow. Josh is left behind, and decides to help with the big problem. When Josh goes outside, he finds himself in the middle of a Shokan riot. Josh fights his way through the army of Shokan barbarians until he ends up in a Subway tunnel, and sees the portal to Li'l Outworld, right in front of him. Quan Chi walks out, laughs, and attacks Josh. This results in a very short boss battle. At the end of the fight, Quan Chi moans in pain, gets back up, and blasts Josh across the room, which accidently infuses Josh with magic abilities. Josh blasts Quan Chi back, then forces him to guide him to Johnny Cage.

Daddy Problems

Now that Kitana is in charge of Edenia, she is at a peace meeting with The Chaosrealmers, but she doesn't notice Havik on the discussing something in the background with Shao-Kahn, whom he is talking to through a crystal ball. Havik says "she's distracted. Bring in the big guns." Just then, a blast of energy shoots into the palace, and Ermac comes in.