Kahil is a character from Mortal Kombat: Anarchy and Mortal Kombat: Reloaded


He was originally supposed to appear in Deadly Alliance. He was supposed to appear in Mortal Kombat 10 but was scrapped last minute.


"After years of trying to impress Nitara, I fought Kabal and took his hookswords as a proposal to her, however she declined saying "We can't, not untill you kill more of my enimies". So I looked all over for Mavado, I killed him and took his hookswords as my weapons. I then got ambushed by Ashrah, and I didn't survive the encounter. Nitara brought my body to the wasteland once known as Earthrealm, she resurected my soul from the evil place known as Neatherrealm. I am forever greatfull to her for life. I now find myself in Nitara's army.

Fighting Styles

  • "Jun Fan" as primary
  • "Karate" as secondary
  • "Hookswords" as tertiary

Kombat Kharacteristics

He like Nitara has the ability to spit blood. His throw is he grabs your body throws it up, catches it, and crushes it with his arms until a crack is heard, then lifts up the body, slams it on the ground, and kicks it away,

  • "Fly", using his wings he flies above ground and uses aerial attacks. He loses this after he is hit.
  • "Dive Kick", can only be used when he uses fly. This move is borrowed from Ermac. After he uses "Fly" he can deliver a powerful dive kick.
  • "Blood Spit" and "Air Blood Spit", he spits blood from his mouth. These are borrowed from Nitara.
  • "Krack Attack", is his throw as mentioned above.


  • He is the male counterpart to Nitara.
  • He finds Nitara as his love interest and as revealed in his biography they have dated.
  • He won't do his throw on Nitara, refusing to hurt her. When trying to do it on her he will say "No!? I won't hurt her!?" However this is the only move he does this.