Emerald is a fighter that appears in Mortal Kombat: Lost Gold


Emerald was originally a glitch from MK2 that made Mileena's clothed light green.

Kombat Kharacteristics

Emerald takes on the role of her sister, Jade when she died, she took on the role of a stealthy ninja. She possesses many similarities to Jade and Mileena such as special moves and fighting styles.

  • "Stealthy Kick", she disappears the reappears in the sky then kicks the opponent.
  • "Stealthy Shadows", she throws a smoke bomb on the ground and it blows out green smoke and then when the smoke is gone, she won't be their, she will then appear behind the opponent and elbow them in the back. This move is unblockable.
  • "Over And Out", she kicks the opponent in the stomach and slides through their legs, she then kicks them in the head, she then does a backflip over the opponent kicking them in the groin, knocking them back. This is her throw.
  • "Boomerang", she throws a boomerang at the opponent, after she throws it, it will go beside the opponent, momentarily it comes back, hitting the opponent in the back, leaving them for a free hit or combo.
  • "Green Magic", she shoots a ball of a mysterious green energy from a fine powder.
  • "Shadow Kick", she turns green and delivers a powerful kick in the stomach.
  • "Shadow Roundhouse", she turns green and delivers a roundhouse kick in the head.
  • "Sai Toss", she throws her sais
  • "Rolling Thunder", she curls in a ball and rolls toward the opponents legs (MK2)


  • "Roundhouse Snap", she does her "Shadow Roundhouse" to the jaw and snaps the neck, making the head do a 360, she then walks up to the new corpse and rips off the head. (MK:LG)
  • "Do The Splits!?", she yells "Do the splits!?" at the opponent, she then cuts off their legs, then their arms, then the head.

Fighting Styles

  • "Fan Zi" as primary
  • "Ying Yeung" as secondary
  • "Sai" as tershiary


  • She was a glitch that turned Mileena's outfit light green.
  • She was supposed to be in Deception and Deadly Alliance but was scrapped, Jade replaced her for Deception and Kitana replaced her for Deadly Alliance.
  • She is the only character that is not playable or fightable in Armageddon, however you can make her in Kreate A Fighter.

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