Dark Horse Vs. Nintendo Vs. DC Vs. Mortal Kombat Vs. Marvel Vs. Capcom is a video-game crossover between six universes, Dark Horse, Nintendo, DC Universe, Mortal Kombat, Marvel Comics, and Capcom. It is a fighting game.


(characters listed by date they were confirmed.)

Dark Horse: Marvel Comics: DC Universe: Capcom: Mortal Kombat: Nintendo:
Concrete Wolverine Batman Ryu Subzero Mario
The Mask Spider-Man Superman Morrigan Scorpion Pikachu
Hellboy The Hulk The Joker Dante Jax Briggs Goomba
Conan The Barbarian The Punisher Catwoman Trish Baraka Chomp Chomp
Elizabeth Sherman Daken Green Lantern Viewtiful Joe Smoke Mr. Game & Watch
Predator Deadpool Bane Evil Ryu Reptile Olimar
Buffy The Vampire-Slayer MODOK Wonder Woman Tron Bonne Taven Rabbid
Abe Sapien Iron Man Deathstroke Megaman Goro Tinstar
Kroenen Dr Strange The Penguin Chris Redfield Raiden Pikmin
Grigori Rasputin Captain America Red Robin Ken Smith Liu Kang Waluigi
(!) Lobster Johnson (!) Hawkeye (!) Victor Zsasz (!) Nemesis (!) Skarlet (!) Bowser
(>) Walter (>) Luke Cage (>) The Flash (>) Balrog (>) Frost (>) Kirby
Usagi Yojimbo (*) Sentinel (*) Bizzaro (*) Akuma(*) Daegon(*) Maxwell(*)

The Goon (*)

Super-Skrull(*) Deadshot(*) Fire Leo(*) Rain(*) Knuckles(*)
Roger (*) Elektra(*) Scarecrow(*) Pyron(*) Havik(*) Donkey Kong(*)
X (%) Slapstick (%) General Zod (%) Phoinex Wright (%) Princess Kitana (%) R.O.B. (%)
Ghost (#) Shuma-Gorath (#) Lobo (#) Lord Raptor (#) Nightwolf (#) Wario (#)
Vortex (#) Taskmaster (#) Solomon Grundy (#) Sasquatch (#)

Khameleon (#)

Luigi (#)
Axe Cop (#) X-23 (#) Clayface (#) Blanka (#) Johnny Cage (#) ChimChar (#)

(*) = Unlockable (#) = DLC (Downloadable Content) (!) = PS3 Only (>) = DS Only (%) = DLC for the "PS3 Classic" edition


The Command List lists each characters moves. Each match stats with the characters saying a quote, you choose a team of three and swich characters during battle. Each match you randomly get pared up with 3 opponets as they are CPU characters. Each fight lasts 99 seconds and you must defeat the enemies in that time. When the bar at the bottom of the screen is full and is glowing, hit R1, circle, and L2 all at the same time to use your hyper combo, so powerful that you get 3, one a hyper combo, another a different combo, third a super combo, and fourth a team hyper combo, a team combo is when you are level 4, you use the combo, and your 2 other partners jump out and do there combos at the same time as you. You go through 6 different fights before the final boss, the Marvel character known as Thanos.

Final Boss

The screen that shows your score from the previous match will say "Now Loading" at the bottom. Then when its done loading, Thanos's theme comes on, and the screen gets burnt in flames, then the screen melts away to show Thanos, wearing the Infinity Gauntlet. First, he summons a gang of six Xenomorphs. You have to beat all of them, wich is frustrating because one pops out of a portal that keeps opening up. If you beat all six Xenomorphs simmultaneously you get time boost, increasing how much time is left all the way back to 98 seconds. Then you will walk to the edge of the cliff your on, and Thanos will rise at the edge of the cliff, he attacks by using his Infinity Gauntlet to blast you, shoot fire at you, spray a type of a sulfuric acid all over, and even summon more Xenomorphs. When you beat him you will see the characters ending, and unlock the ending of the character to view in gallery mode, you will even unlock there bio, there 3-D model in the model-viewer, there special art, and maybe even one of the 18 unlockable characters.