"You will have NO mercy!" -Ai's battle cry in Mortal Kombat: Outworld

Ai is a ninja assassin like Smoke who joined the Mortal Kombat tournement when Earthrealm was starting to be merged with Outworld. She is usually shown with Smoke and Noob Saibot. She first debuted as a secret character until you unlocked her in Story Mode.

Real Name Ai Chiharu
Age 30
Height 5'9
Weight 128 lbs
Resides Outworld
Origin Earthrealm
Appearances Unknown
Species Human








Shao Kahn


Quan Chi

Weapons Nandao
Fighting Styles Ninjutsu
Alignment Good

About Ai

Ai was debuted in Mortal Kombat: Outworld. She was often found hiding behind a tree and you could only unlock her when you first battled her in chapter 13. You would then be able to play as her in chapter 14. She was born back in China, and when Outworld and Earthrealm she joined the Mortal Kombat compitition. She met Smoke and Noob when she joined. She learned then learned how to turn invisable from Smoke.

Combat Characteristics

Before Outworld merged with Earthrealm, Ai was not all that strong and she fought with Sai's, like Mileena's. She would get beaten up and would have various cuts. This would make her clan disapointed. She borrowed moves from Smoke and Noob, while having some of her own.

Signature Moves

♦ Blue Fireball: Ai sends out a bluish-white fireball at her opponent. Borrowed from Noob Saibot.

♦ Invisibility: Ai disappears while a puff of smoke helps her become invisible. Borrowed from Smoke.

♦ Death Cloud: Ai disappears from the screen, then comes out of the top of the screen while throwing a sai at her opponent.

X-Ray Move - Sayonara, Bye Bye: Ai grabs the opponent by their hair and gabs her Nandao in their eye. She then grabs them and teleports them to the top of the screen and throws them down head first, breaking their skull and neck.


Shut your Dirty, dirty mouth: Ai takes her Nandao and cuts the opponents mouth straight open, then cuts a hole in their heart. She then puts a stick of dynamite in their heart and teleports, watching the opponent expload. She then giggles.

Now you'll stay with me forever: Ai shoves her hand down the opponents throat and grabs their soul, ripping it out. She then stabs the opponent with her nandao and laughs, holding their soul.

Other finishers

Hari-kiri: Sayonara: Ai waves goodbye to her opponent, then stabs herself in the heart with her nandao, coughing up blood and falls to the ground.

Babality: Ai holds up her Nandao and attemps to throw it at the screen, missing. She then giggles.


I am Ai. And I do not like the look that you are giving me! (At Noob, when they first meet)

I may be a girl, but I will not be ignored Smoke! (At Smoke)


Ai was created when the person that created her started to fall in love with Smoke.