Abobo is a guest character in MK:MM from the Double Dragon series of games.

Bio Kard

"Abobo was in the middle of a street riot when he discovered a portal that sucked him in. He met Shao Kahn, who was willing to pay a countless amount of money if Abobo killed Sub-Zero. And so the thug went on... to kill the great hero!"

Special Moves

  • "Head Smash" - Abobo smashes the enemies head onto the ground.

Advanced version is called "Skull Krush", were Abobo smashes the enemies head on his knee and then, finally, smashes there head on the ground.

  • "Body Toss" - Abobo grabs the enemy and throws him/her across the arena.

Advanced version is called "Body Kount", were Abobo throws the enemy at a metal gate, then they fall to the ground.

  • "Elbow of Pain" - Abobo elbows the enemy in the torso with all his might.

Advanced version is called "Elbow of Despair", where Abobo jumps up and elbows the foe on the top of the head.


  • "Riot" - Abobo stomps and a bunch of gangbangers run up as they all pummle the enemy to death.
  • "Spike Stomp" - Abobo throws the enemy onto a bunch of spikes then stomps on there head.

X-Ray Moves

  • "Throat Smash" - Abobo shoves the enemy down to floor and stops on there neck.
  • "A Hard Day's Fight" - Abobo lifts up the enemy by there throat, cruhing there neck, then, w ith his other hand, starts punching them in the chest, breaking there rib cage.